Finding the right partner you can trust is always difficult, but this became particularly difficult with skills as specialised as Sitecore.

We went through a fairly rigorous procurement process. It was important to us to find a partner who not only had the key technical capabilities we needed, but was also a good match for our team and organisational culture. That led us to Aceik. Aceik was topmost in terms of their Sitecore knowledge and processes, and a great fit for RAA.

Aceik’s developers were exactly what they said they would be. They really knew what they were doing. They were very passionate with our own developers and also our project team in explaining things and making sure we understood the implications of what we were doing, the decisions we were making as we went along.

We now have a new website which is streets ahead, in so many ways, of what we had originally. But the most important thing is we own it and we drive it. And Aceik has been a key enabler of that.

We now have a great foundation for our primary digital channel, a more capable team and a business that has confidence in our delivery thanks to our partnership with Aceik.

– Matt Mitchell
– Senior Manager, Digital Technology Services @ RAA