Using a bucket as a datasource

download (1)A common scenario requirement these days is to enable content editors to select an item that resides in a Sitecore bucket. The simplest solution is to use a Sitecore multilist with search field.

Another common requirement is to only allow the editor to select one item. In this case we dont have a drop list with search field so again the simplest solution is to use the Sitecore multilist with search field.

First you need to set the source of your field to display items within your bucket of a specific template(s).

Example: StartSearchLocation={11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111}&Filter=+_templatename:sample item

Here is an article describing how to set the source of your field: Sitecore 7 field types

If you need to limit the selection to one item for example then you need to also apply some regex. To achieve this you need to enable standards values in the view tab so you can alter the data section.

In the data section add the following regex: ^({[^}]+}\|?){0,1}$ and add some validation text.


This article provides additional information:Limit selected items on Sitecore multilist field