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Practical Sitecore training for the real world
Whether you’re a developer, content editor or marketer you’ll be ready to use Sitecore today.

Which Sitecore course is right for you?

Sitecore 10.x Developer Foundations
$3,390.00 excl. GST | 4 days
This four day course teaches developers to build robust, real world Sitecore solutions that are Marketing Platform ready. It is good preparation for the Sitecore Certified Developer exam.

Creating and Managing Content in Sitecore 10.x
$1,125.00 excl. GST | 1 day
The one-day Sitecore 10.x Authors course will teach participants to competently create, edit and manage content in the Sitecore environment. The course is very hands-on with exercises to reinforce the learning from discussion and slides.

Marketing Foundations for Sitecore 10.x
$2,250.00 excl. GST | 2 days
The two-day Sitecore 10.x Marketers course will teach participants to competently manage marketing activities in the Sitecore environment.

Private Training
Here at Aceik we can create custom courses, adapt existing courses or run an existing course as a private session. Private training sessions can be run at your office location or at our facilities if you do not have suitable facilities.

FAQs about Sitecore Training

How can I pay for a Sitecore course?

If you book online at Upcoming Courses – Aceik Pty Ltd ( our system will automatically send you an Tax Invoice.  Payments are made via bank transfer. Credit card payments are not available. Existing Aceik customers can also contact their account director directly to discuss their needs and payment options.

Are all your courses only available on Sitecore 10.x?

All our scheduled courses are currently run on Sitecore 10, however our trainer will highlight any relevant differences between Sitecore 10.x and past versions as the course progresses.  We can also schedule a private session on earlier versions of Sitecore, if needed.

All your courses seem to be online; I prefer face to face courses, is this possible?

Absolutely! Contact Aceik through our booking site Contact us ( and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. There might be a minimum number of attendees needed or we could run as a private class.

I want to train several people. Are discounts available?

Possibly, please contact your account director if you are an existing Aceik customer or contact our Instructor through our booking site Contact us ( to discuss options.

Can we have training at our location?

Certainly, provided you have suitable facilities, such as a quiet working space, internet access and computers. Existing Aceik customers please contact your account director or contact our Instructor through our booking site Contact us ( to discuss options.

Can you train us on our Sitecore environment?

The approach that we usually take is to run our standard courses on a demo environment to demonstrate the options available. To run the course exclusively on your environment is certainly possible but would require heavy customisation of the course material. Existing Aceik customers please contact your account director or contact our Instructor through our booking site Contact us ( to discuss options.

We are just starting a Sitecore project, when should I train my team?

A two-tranche approach with some training at the start of the project and some before UAT is probably best. This approach is discussed at length in a blog by our lead trainer, Danny Newman, Training for your Sitecore project.

Why choose Sitecore training by Aceik?

1. We are experts in our field

Our technical knowledge is vast and our agility is unmatched. We keep up with evolving technology and can change direction more easily than larger companies, giving you the most innovative solutions to your business problems.

2. We deliver real world Sitecore training

Drawing on the expertise and real word knowledge within Aceik we have been able to launch a training function. We run public Sitecore courses that were created in house. All our courses aim to deliver a practical real world experience to learners.

We can also run bespoke Sitecore training customised or even created from scratch to solve your training problems.

3. We are driven to exceed your expectations

We value customer satisfaction as highly as our technical skills. We’re proud of our ability to build long-term relationships and we strive for open and honest communication with our clients, so you’ll always have a transparent view of your project’s progress.

4. We are a Sitecore Platinum Partner

Platinum Partners are recognised for their deep knowledge of Sitecore, thought leadership and best practices in delivering flawless customer experiences at scale.

5. We were named Sitecore MVP 2019 & 2020

Aceik is proud to announce that this year both Jason Horne and Thomas Tyack have received the prestigious Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award.

Meet our trainer: David (Danny) Newman

David (more commonly known as Danny) Newman delivers all of Aceik’s training courses.

Danny spent 8 years at Sitecore teaching developers, marketers and authors to create outstanding digital customer experiences using the Sitecore platform.

In 2019, Danny brought those skills to Aceik where he combined his Sitecore knowledge with Aceik’s practical experience to deliver

Most of Danny’s early commercial experience has been as a technical trainer working with web and Java related technologies, including course development.

What do our attendees think?

“The course instructor, Danny Newman is passionate about Aceik and Sitecore, and kept the Author course interesting throughout the day. I have been using Sitecore for quite sometime now, and although I understand the course was aimed at new users to Sitecore, it was still extremely beneficial to understand all the basics and key terminology. As it ended up just being a one-on-one session we also had the freedom to go off topic and cover other areas such as User roles and workflows which is extremely helpful for my role.”

Tim Westmacott
Digital Design Lead

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