RAA chooses Aceik for its digital transformation


RAA gets more than website development from their partnership with Aceik

“We now have a great foundation for our primary digital channel, a more capable team and a business that has confidence in our delivery thanks to our partnership with Aceik.”

Matt Mitchell
Senior Manager, Digital Technology Services





  • Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP), version 9.1
  • Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS)
  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)
  • Angular UI framework


  • Struggled to find the right development partner with in-depth Sitecore experience
  • Developing in-house Sitecore experience


  • Aceik chosen from a shortlist of 5 of the top Sitecore implementation partners in Australia


  • A new technically-sound web platform
  • A skilled in-house team with Sitecore capabilities
  • Confidence in ability to deliver quality projects in a timely manner
  • Website documentation to support future projects and onboarding
  • A partnership that supports RAA to achieve its business goals

RAA gets more than website development from their partnership with Aceik

About RAA

The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) of South Australia is a South Australian membership organisation providing a range of products and services including 24-hour roadside assistance, home and motor insurance, travel experiences and packages, vehicle inspection, road safety, advocacy, and home security.

RAA became a Sitecore customer in 2016, initially launching online journeys for core insurance and road service products within their existing website. When they decided it was time to develop and transition to a new website and content management system using Sitecore, they went to market for a new Sitecore partner.


The next phase of transitioning to a new website was to implement the new design, content and navigation structure in Sitecore and SXA. This meant finding a talented and experienced Sitecore partner to join their team.

“Finding the right partner you can trust is always difficult, but this became particularly difficult with skills as specialised as Sitecore,” said Matt Mitchell, Senior Manager, Digital Technology Services, RAA.

It was vital that their new partner have specific skills and past experience working in Sitecore, and especially with the Sitecore Experience Accelerator.


After shortlisting five Australian development houses with strong Sitecore technical skills, RAA chose Aceik.

“We went through a fairly rigorous procurement process. It was important to us to find a partner who not only had the key technical capabilities we needed, but was also a good match for our team and organisational culture. That led us to Aceik. Aceik was topmost in terms of their Sitecore knowledge and processes, and a great fit for RAA” Mitchell said.

Partnering with Aceik helped RAA realise many benefits beyond website development.

As RAA’s, Manager, Digital Projects, Rodney Hutton shared, “Aceik’s developers were exactly what they said they would be. They really knew what they were doing. They were very passionate with our own developers and also our project team in explaining things and making sure we understood the implications of what we were doing, the decisions we were making as we went along.”

Hutton continued, “We now have a new website which is streets ahead, in so many ways, of what we had originally. But the most important thing is we own it and we drive it. And Aceik has been a key enabler of that.”


RAA and Aceik hit their target of launching a new brand website on the Sitecore content management system in September 2019.

But RAA’s partnership with Aceik didn’t only bring a new website to the business. RAA also gained a skilled in-house team with Sitecore capabilities and the business now has confidence in the Digital team’s ability to deliver quality projects in a timely manner.

“They got solid foundations in place. And those foundations go beyond technology. We built confidence in our teams and our business that we could deliver on Sitecore because of the reliability of having a partner like Aceik. I think it allowed us to demonstrate and get runs on the board, and most importantly deliver better experiences for our members. That will continue to pay dividends to us,” said Mitchell.

“It’s worth adding that Aceik provided a number of value-adds along the way. For starters, they didn’t just help us develop our new site but also created useful documentation, helped us optimise performance, and assisted with the foundational content governance piece. All of this gave us confidence that the site was ready for our members.”

“Aceik was also consistently available for quick check ins and were committed to the outcome. It felt like they were part of our team and together we were sharing and realising our goals.”

Future planning

RAA and Aceik have already started high-level discussions on the next project as RAA continues its focus on delivering engaging digital experiences for its members.

Why choose Aceik for your Sitecore project

Aceik is a digital consultancy that specialise in the implementation, training and support of Sitecore solutions.

When you commission Aceik for your Sitecore project, you’re putting your trust in a company that places customer satisfaction at its core.

  • We are a Sitecore Silver Solution Partner
  • Aceik’s Managing Director, Jason Horne is a 5 x Sitecore MVP