Aceik & Sitecore’s Whisky Tasting & CX Roundtable

Last week, Aceik and Sitecore brought together 18 digital experts from around Australia to discuss customer experience – the trends, challenges and risks facing a new project in 2021. And it wouldn’t be a robust discussion without a little whisky tasting – kindly delivered by Melbourne’s The Elysian Whisky Bar.

Our moderator introduced two topics then guests were divided into groups of 6 to discuss. Upon return to the main track, guests then shared their unique discussion. And today, we wanted to share the key highlights.

Question 1

Thinking of your ultimate goal for your customer experience: Where does personalisation and marketing automation fit in, and what has been the most significant step you’ve taken towards that goal in the last 12 months?

  • Need to answer the question – what is the goal of website? why do we have a website? Many competing internal stakeholders (e.g. buyers v sellers)
  • xConnect implementation issues – holding back use of marketing features
  • Constrained internally (resources, budget)
  • Lots and lots of content – how to deliver the right content to the right people
  • Targeting an audience to help them through a specific journey
  • A lot of marketing automation – Facebook and Google advertising – open rates response rates – deliverability of email – personalised to get better open rate – lots of experimentation – gain more information – and helping them through the marketing funnel
  • Xdb – issues – business priorities – can’t start the journey.
  • Quick wins – show/prove value

Question 2

Thinking of that ideal CX, what steps will you take for the next 12 months?

  • Quick wins are the focus all round – esp. marketing
  • Maintainability – JSS, SXA
  • Content, content, content – and how to manage
  • How to upsell better online – parts, service; portal for owners – service history, finance offers.
  • Ease of access to information, engagement on the website, simple discoverable info
  • Learn more about the primary personas/segments
  • Alignment of brand and service
  • More content for SEO and drive more traffic to website
  • Automate the creation of pages with data have
  • Cost effective ways of producing rich content
  • Complete digital sign up
  • Transform the experience in engaging with the brand for the first time
  • Brand awareness, show expertise, show thought leadership
  • Pattern matching to industries
  • CRM integration

It was a fantastic event and we really appreciate the open sharing amongst the group!

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