Sitecore on AWS Kubernetes (EKS)


Sitecore with release of version 10 now officially supports deployments into container workloads using kubernetes. Sitecore has officially marked PaaS would be deprecated in the future releases (more details). This article is about how to deploy Sitecore 10 into AWS kubernetes (EKS). This article is broken down into four chapters as per below with a brief summary.

1. Configure AWS and Kubernetes CLI

AWS command line interface could be used to create or manage resources in AWS. This chapter guides through the installation and configuration of AWS CLI and Kubernetes CLI. Click here to start configuring your CLI.

2. Create AWS Kubernetes Cluster

A Kubernetes cluster needs to be provisioned to deploy Sitecore workloads. This chapter guides through the creation and configuration of AWS EKS Cluster. Click here to start provisioning the cluster.

3. Deploy ingress controller into EKS Cluster

An ingress controller is used to create external access to the applications deployed into the Kubernetes cluster. This chapter guides through the preparation and deployment of ingress controller. Click here to start deploying the ingress controller.

4. Deploy Sitecore into AWS EKS

This is the last chapter that guides through the preparation of the configuration files and deploying Sitecore into kubernetes cluster. Click here to start deploying Sitecore.


Credit to Gurpreet (Garry) Singh & Jason Umiker for sharing their knowledge and expertise on AWS EKS.


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