Sitecore Commerce 10 Development Environment with Docker

Sitecore Commerce 10 was released with official support for use of containers for development and production. There are different topologies that are available for development xc0, xc1 and xc1-cxa. But unfortunately the only images that have a working SXA storefront are xc1-cxa.

This article describes how to customize the xc0 docker compose file to be able to spin up a development environment with a fully functioning SXA storefront.

Customized version of xc0 docker compose file is available on my github.

Update SQL & SOLR Image Reference to XC1

  • Use xc1 image for SQL so the databases have all the items for SXA, SXA Steorefront and SPE.
  • Use xc1 image for SOLR to it includes the cores for SXA indexes.

Add Processing Instance and Customize

  • Copy the prc role from xc1-cxa docker compose file
  • Update the xConnect-Collection connection string to http://xconnect

Add Reporting Instance

  • Copy and add the rep role from xc1-cxa docker compose file

Update Content Management Instance and Customize

  • Copy and replace cm role from xc1-cxa docker compose file
  • Update all the xconnect and xdb connection strings to http://xconnect (as per the above screenshot).

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