People of Aceik: Jen Gorshkova, Account Manager

We have launched a new series to introduce you to our talented and hard working team mates. They’re behind the success of our client’s projects – working diligently to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations.

This month, we sat down with our Account Manager, Jen Gorshkova.

Jen, tell us about your background.

Jen: I moved to Melbourne in 2014 when I started my career in business development at Epicor, ERP software solution. I fell in love with helping clients by finding the best solutions for the business. Getting the “Aha” moment from my clients after the implementation was the most rewarding, and seeing their business succeeding and growing further.

In 2016, I joined Revolution IT as an Account Manager, where my role was to build and maintain strong, long-lasting customer relationships with the clients and partners. I was working closely with the Product Owner and Marketing Manager to push out a new product – Crowdsource testing. The new and most effective method of digital testing platforms.

In 2018, I joined Aceik as an Account Manager to look after our exciting clients and ensure world-class delivery.

Tell us about joining Aceik

Jen: I met Jason, our CEO, in 2018 because he had an account manager role available. I joined Aceik because Jason wanted to build a company that is different from any other. The company that deeply cares about the quality of the work delivery, and ensures honesty and transparency with their clients.

At that time, Aceik was at the start of its growth journey. Jason had won a few large clients and projects and required help to provide the best service! I was looking forward to bringing my expertise and experience working with enterprise clients to help take Aceik to the next level. I was learning new skills and taking on responsibilities outside of my role from the day one. It was also great to see how close the Sitecore community is.

Why did you join Aceik?

Jen: I was impressed by Jason’s vision of wanting to build a unique company. A company that is known for providing high-quality work, full transparency and honesty with its clients. I wanted to be part of a team that doesn’t cut corners, always thrives and offers learning and improvement opportunities.

I got really excited about contributing to the success and growth of Aceik. My work ethic always included providing the best possible solution to my clients, and ensuring that they are happy with the outcome. The Aceik culture is very much aligned to how I operate.

I was also thrilled with the line of work, as Aceik provides a great range of digital services from a full rebuild to solution review to ongoing support. Aceik stood out from most companies out there, and I knew that my skill set and can-do attitude would benefit the team and company.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Jason and with the team?

Jen: I like working in a close-knit team where each day is different and never boring. You always have to wear different hats, and take on extra responsibility, learn a new skill set and see new ideas come to life. I have participated in various roles – marketing, project management and operations. Sometimes, I’ve even been challenged to improve my technical knowledge and skills. I have learnt a lot and I’m grateful to have the best teachers!

The team at Aceik is always keen to jump in and help. No job is too small or too big. Each team member is unique and has their own style of working – but one thing everyone has in common is their passion for what they do.

Working in a culture where each opinion matters is how we do it at Aceik!  

Is there a project, a customer campaign, something that stands out in your mind that you were really excited that you got to tick that box and go, “This is done”.

Jen: One of our clients reached out to us, as they had a tight deadline to meet. The previous vendor had left the platform in non-working state. We were able to quickly to jump onboard and identify their issues and put the best plan forward on rescuing the project.

It was amazing to see two teams collaborating and brainstorming ideas. It was a great representation of a truly agile project! Where we had the scope right from the start but also the opportunity to add and change features along the way.

The client was pleased about the open communication via Slack and seeing tickets moving through the board on JIRA – where they could easily comment as we go. One of their favourite parts was the showcase at the end of each sprint, where we all celebrated success!

When the customer went live – their site speed was drastically enhanced, user experience improved and they won new clients! Here at Aceik we see our clients’ success is our success!

While we’re in the middle of coronavirus pandemic and Aceik is now working from home. How do you make it work for you?

Jen: As a company, we ensured everyone is comfortable and have all they need to work from home. My working station is well set up with an ergonomic chair and a big screen. We also introduced regular online catch-ups and quick quizzes/games to keep the team connected.

I do miss meeting up with the team in person, but thanks to technologies such as Slack and Zoom, we’re still able to communicate well and ensure our projects are delivered on time.

There a few tricks I have learned about working from home:

  1. Prioritise your tasks in the morning and ensure to timebox them.
  2. I also found it important to disengage and go for walks around lunchtime. It meant I was refreshed and energised for the afternoon.

Let’s talk about life outside of Aceik. Who is Jen outside of work?

Jen: I’ve moved countries a few times now. I was born and raised in a place called Kyrgyzstan, which is a beautiful country in the middle east. When I was younger, I moved to New Zealand, but always wanted to live in a big city and eventually relocated to Melbourne, one of the most liveable places in the world.

Being active is a big part of my life. I enjoy running, yoga, hikes and healthy eating. I believe that staying healthy helps with being productive at work. I also believe in continued learning. Since joining Aceik, I’ve become certificated in a number of Sitecore courses. And my current goal is to gain new project management skills and some of the courses I would like to do:

  1. Prince2
  2. PMBok

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