Advanced Scheduled Publishing

Why do we want to schedule publishing?

  1. We want to schedule publishing to ensure that content scheduled to go live will go live when expected. By default, if a scheduled publish isn’t setup any content scheduled to go live will have to wait until the next manual publish after the scheduled date/time.
  2. We want to remove the publish option from editors so that publishing isn’t over utilised.
  3. Reducing the amount of publishes in a day reduces the number of times the Sitecore HTML cache is cleared and therefore increase site performance.

The out of the box scheduled publishing agent provided by Sitecore solves point 1 and 2 above but the issue is publishing at times when a publish is not required. The default publishing agent will publish every x interval all day. This is not efficient because it is publishing when possibly no changes have occurred and that will still cause the HTML cache to clear.

Our Advanced Scheduled Publishing Module provides the option to schedule a publish between a start and finish date and set the interval. For example 9-5 and every 60 minutes.

It also provides the option to set up one-off scheduled publishes at a specific time. So, for example, one publish at 2pm and one at 2am.

These two options can be used individually or in combination. In combination you can allow for a common scenario where we want to publish every 60mins from 9am – 6pm and then a one-off publish at 12am so that any content scheduled to be published will do so ready for the new day.

The configuration of these intervals are managed via a configuration item you create and manage in Sitecore. The documentation found here. The last publish time is updated here also, allowing editors to have more visibility on when the last publish occurred.

Our module is built on top of the Sitecore scheduled tasks so it will check for a time and interval within the range of the scheduled task frequency so, therefore, could occur slightly earlier or later depending on your frequency value. This is a well-documented limitation as the Sitecore scheduled tasks run within the context of a web application which could go down, or be taken down at any time.


Sitecore Marketplace

Github repo


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