Advanced System Reporter Custom Reports Part 2

Simple Sitecore Query based Report

For this example, we will build a report which displays a set of results based on a Sitecore Query.


The report will display all items under a fixed path in the content tree and only return items of predefined specific templates. The report query is fixed and doesn’t require any user input via report parameters.

Let’s build it

Step 1: Create a scanner called “Simple Sitecore Query” and add a query as per the image. The query below gets all items under the categories node where the template is one of the three listed types of templates.


Step 2: Create a new report called “Simple Sitecore Query Report” and configure as per the image.


Step 3: Run the report from ASR. Here you can see we have run the report to return all items of the specific templates within the categories node of the content tree.


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