Advanced System Reporter Custom Reports Part 1

Getting started

Firstly download the install package and the source code.

ASR reports are easy to configure and most of the time require no custom code to be written.

When a custom report requires coding the easiest way is to follow the examples found in the source code. There are also some filters; scanners etc. which are not in use by the default reports that are very handy and you would not know about them unless you have a browse through the ASR projects.



Report: The report item pulls together the configuration elements required for the ASR report: Scanners, Filters, Viewers, and Commands.
Viewer: The viewer item defines the report view, the columns to display etc.
Scanner: The scanner item defines the search query to populate the viewer.
Parameters: The parameter item defines a parameter input control to be used within a report. It defines what type of control and default values to display or select from depending on control type.
Parameter Type: The parameter type item defines a control type to be used by a parameter for a report. The default Parameter types, for example, are Date picker, Dropdown, Text etc.
Filters: The filter item adds filters to the scanner to provide filtered results for the report. Filters have an attribute field which maps a parameter item to a property within your filter class.
Command: The command item adds commands to the report ribbon. The commands can be used to execute functionality on items in the report.

All Items Scanner

The All items scanner is a great utility scanner. It references the QueryScanner which takes a Sitecore query from the attributes field. This allows you to create a report to output the results of any Sitecore query.


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